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Real element and elegant traditions of the Lao People’s Army

Real element of the Lao People’s Army

The Lao People’s Army is founded and educated by the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party. It is the army of people, from people and fight for the interests of Lao multi-ethnic people of worker class. It is capable weapons of the party of the Lao worker class in fighting for revolution. As a result the real element of the Lao People’s Army is the real element of worker class which is more revolutionary than any other classes.

Elegant traditions of the Lao People’s Army

The elegant traditions of the Lao People’s Army are wisdom and constructive capability in combating and working in which is trialed from the reality of circumstances of long term revolutionary combat shown as follows:

  1. To have strong Loyalty to the nation and party multi-ethnic people of worker class in all cases.
  2. To have always unyielding spirit of combat and constructive tactics.
  3. To have industrious spirits in all tasks and production for self-sufficiency, self-defence and self-strength as well.
  4. Whenever Lao People’s Army strongly keeps solidarity with multi-ethnic people as fish and water.
  5. The Lao People’s Army has built up cohesive solidarity with all progressive, brotherhood and friendly people’s armies in the world, especially joined combat solidarity with Vietnamese People’s Army.   
  6. Whenever the Lao People’s Army has strictly followed democratic tradition and discipline.

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