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8 Disciplinary regulations of the Lao People’s Army

1.     Strictly follow the orders of commander in both peaceful and war time.
2.     Not to take any public properties to be your own without permission. Everyone must protect weapons and equipment from being damaged.
3.     Orders and clean must be protected. Making dirty to springs, rivers and public places is prohibited. Those must be kept in order and clean during your stay or depart.
4.     Right circumstance and polite speech should be practiced to all people. Everyone must respect elder people, love children and be modest to all women.
5.     Not to take any people’s properties without permission even thread or needle. Selling and buying should be fair, borrowing should be turned back and damaging should be compensated.
6.     Attention to propagate people and assist them in all work.
7.     Respect all customary traditions and belief of people. Protect and keep clean all historical monasteries, antiques, churches and other public places.
8.     State and military secrets must be confidentially kept in all aspects.

12 Disciplinary regulations to the people

4 Respects

1.     Respect multi-ethnic people as parents and brothers and sisters in your own family.
2.     Respect customary traditions of multi-ethnic people.
3.     Respect equal right in religious or nonreligious belief of multi-ethnic people.
4.     Respect and offer assistance to all local authorities and fronts

4 Don’ts

1.     Don’t torture, threaten and curse people.
2.     Don’t illegally take people’s properties, don’t make difficulties to people and local authorities.
3.     Don’t destroy monasteries, other religious and public places.
4.     Don’t deceive and harass any girls against the army disciplinary regulations, state laws and customary traditions of society.


1. Help people improve their living standard and mobilize modern science technology into production and new rural construction.
2. Help people educate culture, politics and academics needed in their daily life.
3. Help people access disease treatment and keep three cleans in their own homes and public places.
4. Help people combat enemy to protect their village. Follow best disciplinary regulations. Follow the slogan saying: “Make people praise when staying, make people think of when departing”

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